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ILY2TOOArtiste en résidence
printemps 2023- Portland, Oregon


Images de l'exposition

- Résidence de 4 mois au LLOYD CENTER MALL, Portland Oregon. Le travail comprend l'écriture, le cinéma, la vidéo, l'impression numérique, les jeux vidéo et diverses interventions spécifiques au site.

The main body of work started as a hybrid game space that would overlay/map onto my own work and life.  I started by rendering the residency space as a low-poly designed environment.  I implemented a low-poly character, made in my likeness, for myself to navigate and interact with the development space.  These are what I classify as the first performances in the space.  

As I progressed in the development, I found myself moving between altering the nature of the real residency space and also altering the nature of the virtual game space, in order for them to find equilibrium.  Quickly the site interventions found their way into the game space.

Using the vernacular of prominent media forms from my youth.  The narratives unfold across an array of mediums.  Video games, situational comedies, serial soap operas, etc.

I’m equally curious about the medium and message.  

Images de gameplay réelles

Photography courtesy of Mario Gallucci Studio

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