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Sally’s journey wanders in between the dystopian/utopian narratives we find throughout science fiction storylines, used as devices of both hope and fear.  Initially designed as a set of NPCs (non player characters) to populate part of my game world, the Sally’s emerge from a Corporate-authoritarian Theocratic timeline, designed and operating as a labor force. Sally’s are a character set that exist within their circumstances, in that they are never exposed to views or philosophies in opposition to the group. Their morality and motivations are derived from those very static conditions, yet there is always the possibility of variation, subtlety, and specificity in points of view within the group.

I believe no one places themselves as the villain in their own story.  In society this frightens me the most.  It allows for atrocity in the name of justice, in the name of complacency.   A functional Sally sees themselves as a force of good, without question.

SALLY will be at Content    - Portland, Oregon USA.  March 9, 2024
room # 306

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